Maran Illustrated Knitting Crocheting by Maran Group

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By Maran Group

Книга на английском языке, предназначенная для тех, кто хочет научиться вязать спицами и крючком. Превосходные красочные иллюстрации подробно рассказывают о всех тонкостях вязания, начиная от выбора ниток и заканчивая выполнением моделей одежды.Produced via the award-winning maranGraphics team, Maran’s Illustrated consultant to Knitting and Crocheting is a helpful source to quite a lot of readers - from humans new to the pastime to people who have dabbled within the occasional venture to these extra concerned knitters and crocheters drawn to learning their craft. rather than describing the myriad how one can practice each one job, Maran’s Illustrated advisor to Knitting and Crocheting exhibits the reader the way in which, whereas the full-color photos and transparent, step by step directions stroll the reader via each one job from commencing to finish. Thorough subject introductions and helpful counsel offer more information and recommendation to assist improve the readers’ knitting and crocheting adventure. Contents:1. Introduction2. Knitting Basics3. raises and Decreases4. ornamental Touches5. solving Your Mistakes6. Knitting within the Round7. Knitting With Color8. completing Your Knitting Projects9. Crochet Basics10. operating With Crochet Stitches11. quickly Reference

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Row 1: *K2. P2; Repeat from * to end of row. Row 2: As Row 1. Row 3: *P2. K2; Rep from * to end of row. Row 4: As Row 3. Rep Rows 1 to 4. ). Row 1: *K1. P1; Repeat from * to end of row. Row 2: As Row 1. Row 3: *P1. K1; Rep from * to end of row. Row 4: As Row 3. Rep Rows 1 to 4. ), plus 1 stitch. Row 1 (RS): P1. *K3. P1; Repeat from * to end of row. Row 2 and all wrong-side (WS) rows: Purl. Row 3: Knit. Row 5: K2. P1. *K3. P1; Rep from * to last 2 sts, K2. Row 7: Knit. Row 8: Purl. Rep Rows 1 to 8.

Straight Pins Cable needles are pointed at both ends and are used to hold stitches when working with cables. For information on creating cables, see page 124. Point protectors are small rubber caps you put on the pointed ends of your needles when they are not in use. They help keep stitches from coming off needles when you put away or transport your work. Bobbins Project Bag When knitting with multiple colors, you can avoid tangles by wrapping small lengths of yarn around plastic bobbins and working from the bobbin instead of a whole ball of yarn.

Row counters are not automatic so remember to turn the dial or push the button to advance the counter after each row. Cable Needles Point Protectors Tapestry needles, also known as sewing, darning and yarn needles, look like large sewing needles and have a dull tip. These needles are often used to sew pieces of knitted fabric and weave in yarn ends. Considering that tapestry needles come in many different sizes, make sure the eye of the needle is large enough for the yarn you are using to pass through.

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