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Masonry heaters : designing, building, and living with a by Ken Matesz

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By Ken Matesz

A advisor to designing and residing with one of many oldest and most productive heating units. A masonry heater's layout and plush, radiant warmth redefine the fireplace for the fashionable period. the writer demonstrates how the warmth from a masonry heater is identical to that of the sunlight since it is actual warmth instead of insulation opposed to the lack of warmth. The masonry heater is sturdy, basic to provider, in charge, and  Read more...

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A vase sitting on a table represents stored energy. If the table is removed from under it, the vase will fall. That stored energy becomes heat released as the vase shatters on the floor; the fracturing and breaking release little bursts of heat from friction. A lesser amount of the energy is also released as sound waves in the air. Will that vase ever have the same potential energy again? Only if someone reassembles it (expends energy). Anyone who maintains a household knows that order in each room requires energy expended to put everything where it belongs.

Fire, stone, and wood are basic natural elements and have a strong effect on human beings—sometimes at an unconscious level. Photo courtesy of Temp-Cast Enviroheat. Well, there is more to life than this kind of uniform thermal comfort (which is discussed in greater detail in chapters 3 and 4). People also gauge comfort by the level of effort per unit of time. It seems that for many people, reduced effort equals greater comfort. This is the reason for many of the gadgets we have. Time- and labor-saving devices abound.

The hearth was born. Today’s modern life, when you think of it, still happens “around” a fire in the sense that nothing we do could happen the way it does without fire. And yet you could walk up to a dozen different folks today and ask them when they last sat and enjoyed a simple wood fire and be surprised to find that it hasn’t happened in months, maybe years. If you took these same people hostage one day and placed them in front of a fire for one evening, they would be mesmerized. There is something essential or primal about a blazing fire.

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