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Mastering swimming by Jim Montgomery; Mo Chambers

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By Jim Montgomery; Mo Chambers

Jim Montgomery and Mo Chambers current readers with every thing they should create their very own education plans - plus a variety of pattern courses - whether or not they swim for health or competition.

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As the entering hand is catching the water, the other hand is releasing the water at the finish of the underwater phase and transitioning into the recovery. The hand releases the water earlier than the traditional freestyle so as to carry the momentum of the powerful underwater pull into the recovery. • Fast recovery. Perhaps the most noticeable feature of the shoulder-driven stroke is the fast and powerful arm recovery. Unlike the traditional relaxed high-elbow freestyle recovery, the arms are whipped over the water, rushing up to the front to quickly assume the power position, preventing even the slightest dip in the speed curve.

Imagine keeping one goggle under the water and one goggle above the water when you breathe. As you move through the water, you create a bow wave, similar to the wave created by the bow of a ship, next to your face. By breathing behind this bow wave, it is easier to inhale quickly while keeping good body alignment. 23 24 Mastering Swimming Your balance will improve as you work through this next section on streamlining. Excellent streamlining is one of the hallmarks of world-class swimmers. They have perfected the art of cutting through the water with perfect rhythm, continually shaping their body throughout each stroke cycle to minimize resistance.

Swimmers with reduced flexibility sometimes recover their arms in a wide swing just over the water’s surface. This less-efficient style has the same result as when swimmers take their heads out of alignment: Their bodies compensate by snaking from side to side. They can correct this mistake by increasing the rotation of their shoulders and bringing their hands straight forward, close to their bodies. Relaxation is crucial for arm recovery in the freestyle. Experienced swimmers who churn out lap after lap make it look so easy because they truly are relaxing their arm muscles throughout their recovery.

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