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Mathematical Reflections: In a Room with Many Mirrors by Peter Hilton, Derek Holton, Jean Pedersen

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By Peter Hilton, Derek Holton, Jean Pedersen

Focusing Your cognizance the aim of this publication is Cat least) twofold. First, we wish to convey you what arithmetic is, what it really is approximately, and the way it really is done-by those that do it effectively. we're, in reality, attempting to supply impact to what we name, in part 9.3, our simple precept of mathematical guideline, saying that "mathematics needs to be taught in order that scholars understand how and why arithmetic is qone by means of those that do it successfully./I notwithstanding, our moment function is kind of as vital. we wish to allure you-and, via you, destiny readers-to arithmetic. there's normal contract within the (so-called) civilized international that arithmetic is necessary, yet just a very small minority of these who make touch with arithmetic of their early schooling might describe it as pleasant. we wish to right the misunderstanding of arithmetic as a mix of ability and drudgery, and to re­ inforce for our readers an image of arithmetic as a thrilling, stimulating and engrossing job; as a global of obtainable rules instead of an international of incomprehensible thoughts; as a space of persevered curiosity and research and never a collection of techniques set in stone.

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Let us explain the answer without going into every detail. Congruences mod p behave, in many ways, just like ordinary equations. Now we know that an equation of the form coXk + CIX k - 1 + ... + Ck-lX + Ck = 0, of degree k, cannot have more than k roots. In the same way, the congruence coXk + CIXk- 1 + ... + Ck-lX + Ck == 0 mod p cannot have more than k solutions. ::.!. 2 - 1 == o mod p cannot have more than P;l solutions. But we know by our previous arguments that all quadratic residues satisfy this congruence, and there are P;l quadratic residues.

You probably also managed to show that the same thing happened for any polar curve of the form r = me + c. (2) The argument is the same. At the ray e at first. The next time past this ray and r2 = = e], we get r] m(e] = me] +c + 2n) + c. So the difference between the two values of r is r2 - r] = (me] + m2n + c) - (me] + c) = 2nm. Again, a constant increase. Again, the same increase occurs for every ray. Such curves are known as Archimedean spirals (see [2] and [3], for example). • •• BREAK Can you think where you might have seen Archimedean spirals?

CP - (16) l)a. We claim that no two of the integers on the list (16) are congruent mod p. For suppose we were wrong; then we would have numbers k, £, with 1 ::: k < l ::: p - 1, such that ka == la mod p. This means that p I a(l - k). But p f a, by hypothesis; and p f l - k since 1 ::: l - k < p. Thus, by Theorem 4,p f k). This contradiction shows that, after all, we were right-no two of the integers in (16) are congruent mod p. A very similar argument shows that no integer in the list (16) is divisible by p.

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