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MATLAB® in bioscience and biotechnology by Leonid Burstein

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By Leonid Burstein

MATLABý fundamentals; MATLABý pictures; Script, functionality records and a few worthy MATLABý services; usual and partial differential equation solvers; Bioinformatics software for series research

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11. Problem: Calculate the distance for the given coordinates of the molecules. g. coffee in a cup) to cool from temperature T0 to T is given from Newton’s law, according to 1 T - Ts t = - ln k T0 - Ts where Ts is the ambient temperature, T0 is the initial temperature and k is a constant. 3 C/min. Problem: When will the coffee be fit to drink (T = 28 °C)? 4 Constant of chemical reaction The rate constant k of a chemical reaction is given by the Arrhenius equation: - Ea k = A e RT where Ea is the activation energy, A is the frequency of molecular collision, T is the temperature at which the reaction passes and R is the gas constant.

For some calculations realized with for … end loops matrix operations can serve as well. In such cases the latter are actually superior, as the for … end loops work slowly. The advantage is negligible for short loops with a small number of commands, but is appreciable for large loops with numerous commands. The while … end loop is used where the number of passes is not known in advance and the loop terminates only when the conditional expression is false. In each pass MATLAB® executes the commands written between the while and end; the passes are repeated until the conditional expression is true.

A string is an array of characters – letters and/or symbols. g. ‘Protein’ or ‘Human cells DNA totals about 3 meters in length’. g. a(5) in the string ‘Protein’ is the letter ‘e’. Some examples with string manipulations are: >> a='Protein' a= Protein >> a(4) ans = t >> a(5:7) ans = ein >> a([1 3 2 4]) ans = Port Assign the string ‘Protein’ to the variable a; it takes 7 letters and is a 7-element row vector The fourth element of the vector a is the letter t,thus a(4) is t The fifth, sixth, and seventh elements of the vector a are the letters e,i, and n The 1st, 3rd, 2nd, and 4th elements of the vector a are the letters P,o,r, and t Strings can be placed as elements in a vector or a matrix.

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