Metasploit: The Penetration Tester's Guide by David Kennedy, Jim O'Gorman, Devon Kearns, Mati Aharoni

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By David Kennedy, Jim O'Gorman, Devon Kearns, Mati Aharoni

"The top advisor to the Metasploit Framework."
—HD Moore, founding father of the Metasploit Project

The Metasploit Framework is a robust suite of instruments that protection researchers use to enquire and get to the bottom of power community and procedure vulnerabilities. Metasploit: The Penetration Tester's advisor indicates readers tips on how to determine networks through the use of Metasploit to release simulated assaults that reveal weaknesses of their protection.

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142. NOTE Passive information gathering is an art that is not easily mastered in just a few pages of discussion. org/) for a list of potential ways to perform additional passive intelligence gathering. Active Information Gathering In active information gathering, we interact directly with a system to learn more about it. We might, for example, conduct port scans for open ports on the target or conduct scans to determine what services are running. Each system or running service that we discover gives us another opportunity for exploitation.

When MS SQL is installed, it listens by default either on TCP port 1433 or on a random dynamic TCP port. If MS SQL is listening on a dynamic port, simply query UDP port 1434 to discover on what dynamic TCP port MS SQL is listening. Of course, Metasploit has a module that can make use of this “feature”: mssql_ping. Because mssql_ping uses UDP, it can be quite slow to run across entire subnets because of issues with timeouts. But on a local LAN, setting THREADS to 255 will greatly speed up the scan.

All these options give us quite a bit of flexibility in specifying our targets. The THREADS value at sets the number of concurrent threads to use while scanning. By default, all scanner modules have their THREADS value initially set to 1. We can raise this value to speed up our scans or lower it to reduce network traffic. In general, you should not set the THREADS value greater 16 when running Metasploit on Windows, and not greater than 128 on UNIXlike operating systems. 22 Chapter 3 Now let’s set our values and run the module.

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