Notch Signaling by Raphael Kopan (Eds.)

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By Raphael Kopan (Eds.)

Overseas authors supply researchers with an summary and synthesis of the most recent study findings and modern suggestion within the zone of Notch Signaling. Covers subject matters corresponding to Notch signaling in Cardiac improvement and sickness, and Notch in Stem Cells. foreign authors supply researchers with an outline and synthesis of the most recent study findings and modern notion within the quarter.

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In our view these observations may have broad implications. Namely, while the abnormal activation of the Notch receptor per se may in certain circumstances triggers malignant transformations, the activation of Notch signaling, presumably in synergy with other factors, may result in dramati cally expanding cell populations that are prone to accumulate oncogenic mutations. Given the association of Notch activity with early precursors in general, and indeed with stem cells, this is compatible with known Notch biology.

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