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Object Pascal Language Guide by Borl, Delphi

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By Borl, Delphi

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Almost all of the types documented in this language reference are predefined. Other types are created by declaration; these include user-defined types and the types defined in the product libraries. • Types can be classified as either fundamental or generic. The range and format of a fundamental type is the same in all implementations of Object Pascal, regardless of the underlying CPU and operating system. The range and format of a generic type is platform-specific and could vary across different implementations.

This can result in noticeably slower performance if finalValue is a complex expression, and it also means that changes to the value of finalValue within statement can affect execution of the loop. Items[I]); for I := 1 to 10 do for J := 1 to 10 do begin X := 0; for K := 1 to 10 do X := X + Mat1[I, K] * Mat2[K, J]; Mat[I, J] := X; end; for C := Red to Blue do Check(C); Blocks and scope Declarations and statements are organized into blocks, which define local namespaces (or scopes) for labels and identifiers.

As long as expression returns True, execution continues. Syntactic elements 4-25 Declarations and statements Examples of while statements include while Data[I] <> X do I := I + 1; while I > 0 do begin if Odd(I) then Z := Z * X; I := I div 2; X := Sqr(X); end; while not Eof(InputFile) do begin Readln(InputFile, Line); Process(Line); end; For statements A for statement, unlike a repeat or while statement, requires you to specify explicitly the number of iterations you want the loop to go through.

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