Observatory Director by Nel Yomtov

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By Nel Yomtov

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Many astronomers working outside the classroom often have to analyze data and observations and plan observational programs. About 10 percent of all astronomers work in private industry, such as aerospace, or at science museums or planetariums. Roughly one-third of the professional astronomers are employed by the federal government or 28 [ 21st century skills library ] by federally funded observatories and laboratories. Overall, competition is tough: There are only about 6,000 professional astronomers in all of North America, with only about 150 new job openings each year.

Space, Stars, and the Beginning of Time: What the Hubble Telescope Saw. Boston, New York: Clarion Books, 2011. com Travel to the far reaches of the universe to learn about planets, moons, stars, and much more. NASA—What Is the Hubble Space Telescope? html Learn more about the history and workings of the Hubble telescope, and view hundreds of amazing photos of outer space. [ cool steam careers ] 31 GLOSSARY astronomers (uh-STRAH-nuh-merz) people who study the origin, nature, and behavior of objects in space Hubble Space Telescope (HUHB-uhl SPAYS TEL-uh-skope) a space observatory launched into orbit around Earth in 1990 cosmos (KAHZ-mohs) the universe orbit (OR-bit) the curved path followed by a moon, planet, or satellite as it circles a planet or the sun eclipses (i-KLIP-sez) the partial or total blocking of light from one heavenly body as it passes behind or through the shadow of another heavenly body electromagnetic radiation (i-lek-trohmag-NET-ik ray-dee-AY-shuhn) energy in the form of X-rays, radio waves, gamma rays, infrared waves, and ultraviolet rays galaxy (GAL-uhk-see) a very large group of stars and planets satellites (SAT-uh-lites) spacecraft that are sent into orbit around the earth, the moon, or another heavenly body space-based observatory (SPAYSbaysd uhb-ZUR-vuh-tor-ee) an orbiting spacecraft that has telescopes for studying space and objects in space successor (suhk-SES-ur) someone or something that follows another in a position or sequence INDEX art, 23 astronomers, 6, 27–28, 28–29.

How does the function of a space-based observatory compare with the function of a ground-based observatory? Why can the Hubble Space Telescope observe space more effectively than land-based telescopes can? Why is teamwork an important part of working at any observatory? 30 [ 21st century skills library ] LE A R N M O R E FURTHER READING Jefferis, David. Star Spotters: Telescopes and Observatories. New York: Crabtree Publishing, 2009. Lippincott, Kristen. Eyewitness Astronomy. New York: DK Publishing, 2013.

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