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On being stoned;: A psychological study of marijuana by Charles T Tart

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By Charles T Tart

This ebook was once initially written in 1971 and it's uncertain that a lot has been up-to-date seeing that Tart's unique paintings. search for your self. only a few of the references are newer than 1968-1970. while you are drawn to marijuana people who smoke' own event or perceptions within the 1960's, this e-book is for you.It displays reviews from the 1960's, no longer now. keep in mind although that non-public testimony doesn't end up that the consequences got here from marijuana. such a lot of different elements can have affected a clients perceptions and event. at the confident facet, even though it isn't really a systematic study,it presents reliable qualitative info from clients at the moment.

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Thus patterns form from ambiguous material, contours are sharpened, central visual phenomena are enhanced at the expense of peripheral phenomena, depth is magnified and more subtle shades of color are perceived. With eyes closed, visual imagery is enhanced. Such a raising of level of the patterning mechanism is a two-edged sword. On the one hand, it may genuinely result in perceiving useful patterns and meanings that would have been overlooked. On the other hand, meaning may be falsely attributed to phenomena that have no such meaning.

This occurs at Low levels of intoxication (17%, 49%, 22%, 5%, 1%). Not too surprisingly, then, an extremely characteristic effect of marijuana is "I enjoy eating very much and eat a lot"(1%, 5%, 18%, 31%, 44%), which also occurs at low intoxication levels (22%, 44%, 26%, 4%, 1%). 05). 05, overall). 05 in each case). Sweets The data confirm a popular belief that marijuana smokers like sweets: "I crave sweet things to eat, things like chocolate, more than other foods"is a common effect (16%, 26%, 25%, 15%, 17%), which occurs at Low levels of intoxication (11%, 41%, 23%, 5%, 0%).

Quality of " Empty"Space An infrequent but rather dramatic phenomenon is "The space or air around me takes on a solid quality; it is no longer 'empty' space"(41%, 21%, 26%, 7%, 2%), which occurs at relatively high levels of intoxication (0%, 3%, 15%, 19%, 13%) for those who could rate it. My informants indicate that this phenomenon may take a visual form, with the air or space taking on faint, vibrating colors, or a "tactual" form in that the air or space "feels" solid even though there is no visual change; space, rather than being a nonperceptible abstraction, becomes an immediate experience.

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