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On the number of cyclic subgroups of a group by Miller G.A.

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By Miller G.A.

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5). ~ . 4 and also are monomorphisms M(Q) ~ Ker(R/[R,F] a morphlsm of extensions. ,~(el) presentation). H2(~) b) The cohomology case. moreover Opext(F,A) group splits. then define ~(e) instead. = 0 When F ~(e) ~(Q) both sequences maps, we obtain as ~(free H2(~)o~(Q 1) = H2(F,A) = 0 ; since any extension with free quotient as the composite - HomQ(Rab,A)) (~,f): with ~ . 4 (b). el: RiC----,Fi----*Q i e I - e2 H2F = 0 . ,~): , unique. Q . (e) observe that ~: Opext(Q,A,~) with respect to copalrs. 3) is by and sequence and all Q-modules ~: M(Q) - H2Q Here morphisms and Q (Q1,A1) - (Q2,A2) Q as in a).

Ab(e o) For any = p = q . ~o(y) is a Q - h o m o m o r p h i s m ; thus we have a m o r p h i s m of extensions. (e) Consider given tion a s s o c i a t e s : a unique pick f,g E G [f,g] ~ K e r w = ~N ; put A subgroup be an a b e l i a n generated inclusion. 8 to ~Q construc- w(g) = y , then x and i: A " y as follows. g. ~ Q the be the x ^ y e A2(A) - N construc- under . 8. (e)M(1) with respect and e=(~,w): z = ¢(x,y) ~ N z = -1[f,g] subgroup x extension w(f) = x in terms fc > N . of ~ . [] xy = yx .

1 LEMMA. 2 and R condition. 7, Here Rab RO process in a simple FG and mod RQ . form a basis of RO is generated by satis- J1,q = I [] LANE [2; Thm. Jp,q T elements of Now Write determines an exact sequence, o(e'A),Homo(Rab,A) T = S U ~X1=11 Clearly Hence the n o n - u n l t y p $ 1 $ q . form due to EILENBERG/MAC Der(F,A,~) is p,q ~ O ; and in the standard free p r e s e n t a t i o n e RG We use Let O be a group and (A,~) a O-module. 3. X -Ipq for S = but be a group and as in D e f i n i t i o n cf.

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