On the Unhappiness of Being Greek by Nikos Dimou

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By Nikos Dimou

Required examining for an individual wishing to appreciate how the Greek main issue took place and what it skill to be Greek this day written by means of a arguable patriot and local of Greece.

If Noam Chomsky and Gore Vidal have a Greek analogue, it's Nikos Dimou, essentially the most fertile minds of his iteration. This e-book is a sequence of 193 quite often short, frequently slicing and now and then satirical aphorisms approximately Greece and Greeks. within the postscript, Dimou writes: i've got attempted, easily, to articulate my observations in any such means in order that critical humans will locate them to be critical, whereas much less severe ones will locate them much less critical. i'm now tortured by way of the prospect that the complete opposite will take place. in keeping with its writer, Nikos Dimou: This ebook isn't a funny choice of aphorisms in regards to the shortcomings of Greeks yet a sour mirrored image on their tragic future (it is) the fabricated from a guy who cares deeply for his nation, and attempts to aid his fellow electorate fulfil the Delphic motto:...

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Quoted from Dionysios Solomos (1798–1857), who is regarded as the national poet of Modern Greece. 3. Theodoros Kolokotronis (1770–1843). Hero of the Greek War of Independence. 4. Karaghiozis. Comic puppet character from the Greek popular shadow theater. Embodiment of all the virtues and failings of the modern Greek. By extension someone who provokes ridicule. 5. Edmond About (1828–1885). Author of Le Roi des Montagnes. 6. Lit. ‘love of honor’. A strong (often excessive) sense of personal honor and self-respect.

24. As was the case when the book was first published in 1975. 25. Andreas Laskaratos (1811–1901). Excommunicated after publishing the prose satire The Mysteries of Cephallonia (1856). 26. See the poem ‘In the Manner of G. ’. 27. Greek parea. No exact cultural equivalent in English in the sense used here. A group of close friends who spend their time together. People bonded by companionship. 28. Patriotic Greek march. 29. George Seferis. See the poem ‘In the Manner of G. ’. 30. ’ 31. Michalis Katsaros (1919–1998).

They were not accepted in these organisations because of their nation’s grandeur. It was an agreement with obligations for both sides: especially in the case of the European Union…. Our agreement with the European Union presupposes rights and obligations, too. We have claimed our rights. Our obligations have now prompted the creation of a fund. In today’s Europe it is a misfortune to say that you are Greek. net First published 1975 H ΔYΣTYXIA TOY NA EIΣAI EΛΛHNAΣ For distributor details and how to order please visit the ‘Ordering’ section on our website.

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