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Pablo Picasso. An Introduction by Howard Greenfeld

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By Howard Greenfeld

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This society such was no longer acceptable. Especially bitter words came from the uncle who had helped him in the past. In addition, Casagemas' depression signs of abating, so there last much showed no seemed to be no reason to stay on. Madrid was the next Casagemas for the so stop, and there Picasso saw time, for the latter's poor spirits continued, and he returned to Paris where shortly there- 50 The Frugal Art Repast, 1904. ) Courtesy of Institute of The Chicago 51 after he committed suicide in was affected Picasso, as Picasso stayed in a cafe.

The two boys would talk endlessly before a The many-shaped all trees, the inspired Picasso to The days were nearby farm and in the evening light a big fire, cook going to Once vador would come to and equipment and painted paint subjects he had never treated before. food came from foot. their beds of straw mountains, the passing shepherds, idyllic; by which was nothing more than huge protruding rock, they made grass. midst They were accom- several weeks. part of this expedition first not point they found a mountain cave younger brother, who difficult to would spend days visit, sleep.

A village of white stone houses built near the Ebro River. It is surrounded by limestone mountains and fertile vine- and olive-covered All hills. baked is became too and when the heat in the hot sun, great, Picasso and his friend They wanted exploring the surrounding mountains. only to escape the village heat, but of nature in At one itself. which they stayed panied on the Pallares' also to live in the led a by Salvador, mule laden with When it became go further with the mule, the two friends, provisions for living and for painting.

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