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Pathfinder #10—Curse of the Crimson Throne Chapter 4: "A by Michael Kortes

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By Michael Kortes

Bankruptcy 10: "A background of Ashes"
by Michael Kortes

Forced to escape the town of Korvosa and pursued via sinister brokers of Queen Ileosa, the heroes commute to the Cinderlands to find recommendation on tips on how to defeat the traditional evil that has claimed their queen’s brain. Few dwelling this present day comprehend the reality in the back of this evil—and those that do are one of the Shoanti barbarian tribes getting ready to invade Korvosa. The computers needs to earn the belief of 3 tribes so one can notice their targets and store Korvosa from a brutal war.

This quantity of Pathfinder additionally good points an in-depth exploration of the Shoanti barbarian lifestyle, an exploration of the tough badlands often called the Cinderlands, and 6 new monsters local to those lands.

For characters of tenth to twelfth level.

Pathfinder is Paizo Publishing's 96-page, perfect-bound, full-color softcover experience course publication published on top of the range paper that releases in a per thirty days quantity. each one quantity is dropped at you through a similar employees which introduced you Dragon and Dungeon magazines for over 5 years. It comprises an in-depth experience course state of affairs, stats for approximately a half-dozen new monsters, and several other help articles intended to offer video game Masters extra fabric to extend their crusade. simply because Pathfinder makes use of the Open video game License, it's a hundred% appropriate with the world's most well-liked myth roleplaying online game.

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It was she who added the stars and butterflies to the room’s walls, transforming the chamber into a shrine of sorts dedicated to Desna. A DC 15 Knowledge (religion) check reveals the religious connotations of the room. Ever since, handfuls of LyruneQuah followers of Desna make the yearly pilgrimage to this chamber to spend a few minutes inside the globe and to retouch the murals as necessary. After decades of this attention, Desna herself noticed the shrine. Pleased with what her followers had done with the globe, she invested a small amount of her divinity into the device—now, any creature who spends any amount of time inside of the globe gains the Spherewalker’s Mark.

He returned to the clan and declared he had been reborn, and had left his misdeeds behind in the cleansing fire of Cindermaw’s belly. ” What is Cindermaw? “A legend, yet one of flesh and blood. Cindermaw dwells on the northernmost edge of Shoanti lands, in the place where Shoanti and orc and giant vie for life and water. His hunting grounds are known as the Feeding Grounds of the Quah-Kael, the land of the Clan Eater. The orcs of Urglin avoid this region; the giants of the north hunt only on its edges.

Type piercing or slashing. TACTICS Before Combat If time permits, the thundercallers first prepare their war band with war paint. During Combat One thundercaller initiates his inspire courage bardic music ability while the others attack. In melee, the thundercallers rage and then move in to flank foes with their totem spears Morale Thundercallers never flee unless called away by their chief or another authority figure, such as Krojun. Base Statistics AC 18, touch 13, flat-footed 15; hp 47; Fort +6, Ref +6, Will +4, Str 14, Dex 12, Con 14; Skills Concentration +12, Jump +13 Brotherhood of Bones: Sial and Asyra enter the ruins before the PCs arrive but don’t spend much time in this area.

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