Plant Nutritional Genomics (Biological Sciences Series) by Martin Broadley

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By Martin Broadley

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E. J. (2001) Transporters responsible for the uptake and partitioning of nitrogenous solutes. Annu. Rev. Plant Physiol. Plant Mol. , 52, 659–688. Wolt, J. (1994) Soil Solution Chemistry: Applications to Environmental Science and Agriculture. Wiley, New York. , Sukumaran, S. & Marton L. (1998) Differential expression of the Arabidopsis Nia1 and Nia2 genes. Cytokinin-induced nitrate reductase activity is correlated with increased Nia1 transcription and mRNA levels. , 116, 1091–1096. Zhang, H. G. (1998) An Arabidopsis MADS box gene that controls nutrient-induced changes in root architecture.

1997). , 2002), which is unable to grow normally in nonphotorespiratory conditions, confirming a role for NADH-GOGAT in primary N assimilation. In summary, Fd-GOGAT encoded by GLU1 is responsible for the assimilation of NH4 + released by photorespiration in the leaves. Further, Fd-GOGAT encoded by GLU2 may also participate in primary N assimilation in leaves and roots. NADH-GOGAT is involved in primary N assimilation, especially for the synthesis of glutamate in roots and in the nodules of N-fixing legumes.

1997) Overexpression of a soybean gene encoding cytosolic glutamine synthetase in shoots of transgenic Lotus corniculatus L. plants triggers changes in ammonium assimilation and plant development. Planta, 201, 424–433. Vincentz, M. & Caboche, M. (1991) Constitutive expression of nitrate reducatse allows normal growth and development of Nicotiana plumbaginifolia plants. , 10, 1027–1035. , Vaucheret, H. & Caboche, M (1993) Regulation of nitrate and nitrite reductase expression in Nicotiana plumbaginifolia leaves by nitrogen and carbon metabolites.

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