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Practical Physics by J.A. Crowther

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By J.A. Crowther

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7. has The balance case must be left closed when the weighing been completed, and all weights must be replaced in their proper partition in the box. If the balance arms are not equal, the correct weight of a body may be found by weighing the body first with the body in the left hand scale pan, and then with the body in the It can be shown that if are and right hand scale pan. l 2 the weights required to balance the body in the two cases W the true weight W W of the body given by W= V W W is / 1 that is to say, the actual weight is 2 the geometric mean of the PRACTICAL PHYSICS 20 W In any reasonable balance Wj and two apparent weights.

12. The Specific Gravity Bottle. given temperature). To determine the specific gravity of a specific gravity bottle. is washed and dried. The safe to allow all excess water to drain way of drying a from it. Then place inside the bottle the end of a fairly long piece of glass tubing the other end of which is attached to a pair of foot Heat the portion of the glass tube outside the a bunsen flame, at the same time sending a current by of air through it from the bellows. The warm air very quickly evaporates the moisture remaining in the bottle.

This is a very convenient change of temperature. C. at 15 it is It also follows that the density of a substance arrangement. c. is numerically equal to its specific gravity. The density of a substance measured in Ibs. per cubic foot is equal to its specific gravity multiplied by the weight of one cubic foot of water, which is approximately 62-3 Ib. In nearly all cases it is the specific gravity of the substance which is experimentally determined. The density of a solid may, however, be determined directly if it has some definite geometrical shape, so that its volume may be calculated from its linear dimensions.

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