Prey on Patmos (An Aegean Prophecy) by Jeffrey Siger

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By Jeffrey Siger

Saint John wrote the apocalyptic booklet of Revelation over 1900 years in the past in a cave on Greece’s jap Aegean island of Patmos. When a respected monk from that holy island’s thousand year-old monastery is murdered in Patmos’ city sq. in the course of Easter Week, leader Inspector Andreas Kaldis of Greece’s Twenty-First Century certain Crimes department is termed upon to discover the killer ahead of all hell breaks loose…in a way of conversing.   Andreas’ impolitic look for solutions brings him face-to-face with a scandal haunting the world’s oldest surviving monastic community. On the pristine Aegean peninsula of Mount Athos, remoted from the remainder of humanity, twenty monasteries sit down holding the secrets and techniques of Byzantium amid a life-style nearly unchanged for greater than 1500 years. But this day this sacred safe haven harbors smooth foreign intrigues that threaten to wreck the very middle of the Church…in a question of days.

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