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Professional PHP4 by Luis Argerich

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By Luis Argerich

This source bargains an easy and common cross-platform answer for e-commerce, complicated internet, and database-driven functions to operating personal home page builders who are looking to take their abilities to the subsequent point.

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Similarly, there is no requirement that a semi-colon be followed by a line break before the next statement begins. > 54 Chapter 3: PHP Fundamentals Chapter 3: PHP Fundamentals 55 Multi-line statements make use of a construct called a code block. A code block contains multiple PHP statements, enclosed in curly brackets ({ … }): { echo("hello"); echo(2 + 2); } Although you can use code blocks just like this in your PHP code, they don't have any effect on the code (in particular, unlike in C or Java, they have no effect on variable scope).

If you can't think of any right now, they will occur to you once you start creating the scripts. See Chapter 20 for more examples. You can also create PHP scripts that are executables, just like Perl. /usr/bin/php -q which tells it to use your PHP binary to execute the instructions. The -q part stands for quiet which tells PHP not to output some default headers for the web that it usually sends out. You can try it without the -q to see the difference if you like. print() prints the text inside the quotes to the console.

It's handy to have some kind of idea what's in there if you run into trouble later or want to implement a new feature on your web server that requires altering Apache configuration. If you have Apache working properly, you probably want Apache to be always running and automatically start on boot. d/apache You'll need to change the path if you have deviated from the above instructions. d/apache S99apache 36 Chapter 2: Installation Chapter 2: Installation 37 The first two commands create an executable shell script that is available for any of the 6 different boot levels.

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