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Programming C# : "Building .NET applications"--Cover. - by Jesse Liberty

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By Jesse Liberty

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Given that its unlock no longer really 3 years in the past, C# has swiftly won extensive utilization. This e-book is written for C# 2. zero, protecting the entire new gains in 2. zero, together with generics. as well as its insurance of C#, it additionally presents details at the . web Framework and periods that C# interacts with. each bankruptcy contains questions and solutions in addition to prompt tasks.

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Get the simplest info on hand for permitting program interoperability among the Microsoft . internet and Java 2 company version (J2EE) improvement systems. This e-book deals useful and prescriptive suggestions for builders answerable for developing enterprise-level enterprise recommendations the place platform interoperability is a demand and a fact.

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Many scholars and programmers acquainted with Pascal at the moment are seeking to improve their talents to a well-structured object-oriented programming language reminiscent of C++. This textbook offers such an "upgrade direction" through offering a direction on C++ within the spirit of based programming. either authors educate this fabric to a wide selection of scholars and contain a number of programming routines to check a reader's figuring out and to extend their self belief in programming in C++.

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Example 3-4. WriteLine("Boiling point of water: {0}", BoilingPoint ); //BoilingPoint = 21; } } Example 3-4 creates two symbolic integer constants: FreezingPoint and BoilingPoint. As a matter of style, constant names are written in Pascal notation, but this is certainly not required by the language. These constants serve the same purpose of always using the literal values 32 and 212 for the freezing and boiling points of water in expressions that require them, but because these constants have names they convey far more meaning.

After the execution, i is incremented (i++). Note that the variable i is scoped to within the for loop (that is, the variable i is visible only within the for loop). Example 3-14 will not compile. Example 3-14. WriteLine("\n Final value of i: {0}", i); return 0; 48 Programming C#, 2nd Edition The line shown in bold fails, as the variable i is not available outside the scope of the for loop itself. Whitespace and Braces There is much controversy about the use of whitespace in programming. WriteLine("\t{0}", i); } } Much of this is a matter of personal taste.

Thus, the value 57 is assigned to both variables. 4 Whitespace In the C# language, spaces, tabs, and newlines are considered to be " whitespace" (so named because you see only the white of the underlying "page"). Extra whitespace is generally ignored in C# statements. Thus, you can write: myVariable = 5; or: myVariable = 5; and the compiler will treat the two statements as identical. The exception to this rule is that whitespace within strings is not ignored. WriteLine("Hello World") each space between "Hello" and "World" is treated as another character in the string.

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