Psychobiological Aspects of Cognitive Growth by Reuven Kohen-Raz

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By Reuven Kohen-Raz

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The “gentlemanly” manner in which mathematics was done in this field is illustrated by Ahlfors’s frequent reference to his finiteness theorem as the “theorem finally LIPMAN BERS 39 established by Bers” because he filled in the above-mentioned gap. Needless to say, Bers always thought of AFT as one of Ahlfors’s greatest accomplishments. 14. Carried out earlier, by others, in the setting of algebraic geometry. 15. As a result of his socialist background or European traditions, a student would be introduced to a visitor as Mr.

In America, the experience and wisdom that he brought to social issues played itself out mainly on three stages: at Columbia during the anti-Vietnam War protests; at the American Mathematical Society, as vice president 1963-65 and presi- 34 BIOGRAPHICAL MEMOIRS dent 1975-77; and at the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), as founder and chair of the Committee on Human Rights. In the fifties, before his prominence in the American scientific community extended beyond mathematics, he helped victims of McCarthyism and cold-war politics obtain academic positions.

The privilege, which disappeared by 1993, was to have an obituary published in the Bulletin. ” 38 BIOGRAPHICAL MEMOIRS NOTES 1. Published by Interscience. 2. He was looking for an inequality that would establish an existence theorem in partial differential equations and suspected that quasiconformal mappings might provide the needed a priori estimate. 3. He served for a period as chairman of the graduate program at NYU and for three years (1972-75) as department chair at Columbia. 4. Lipa’s style in scholarship paralleled his teaching method.

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