Reading Academic Hebrew by Nitza Krohn

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By Nitza Krohn

Via user-friendly exposition of principles, various examples from scholarly texts, and types demonstrating the right way to use linguistic info within the textual content as clues to that means, the booklet articulates the grammatical and semantic wisdom that local Hebrew readers deliver to the duty of analyzing advanced educational prose. it really is aimed toward scholars and researchers within the box of Jewish experiences who desire to entry seminal and up to date Hebrew language scholarship of their distinctiveness, in addition to these getting ready for a Hebrew to English translation examination. The e-book contains routines with options and perform texts for comprehension and translation, and will be used as a direction textbook, a self-study handbook and/or a reference resource for Hebrew academics.

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Example text

Historically, -‫ ש‬is Mishnaic, ‫ אשר‬is biblical. , -‫ אחרי ש‬after, -‫ מִשוּם ש‬because, -‫ אַף עַל פִּי ש‬even though). [‫ ש]נקבעת לפי השמש‬,‫ ובין העונה החקלאית‬,[‫לפי החודש והירח‬ The difference between a lunar year and a solar year is liable to disrupt the connection between the date, which is determined according to the month and the moon, and the agricultural season, which is determined according to the sun. The subject of the verb ‫ נקבע‬is the immediately preceding ‫ ;תאריך‬the subject of ‫ נקבעת‬is the preceding ‫העונה החקלאית‬.

This could be in imitation of biblical style, where the direct object marker is often dispensed with, or perhaps because the definite article – appearing, as it should, before the second noun of the construct phrase – is not salient). Without ‫את‬, the syntactic role of ‫ חזות הכל‬as a direct object is not immediately apparent. Since the subject is ‫המהר"ל‬, the verb ‫ רואה‬is read ‫ רואֶה‬rather than ‫רואָה‬, the reading if ‫חזות‬ ‫ הכל‬were the subject (most nouns ending with ‫וּת‬- are feminine singular2).

Yet, since it does not agree with the verb, ‫למדו‬, it must be ruled out as the subject of the sentence and identified as the direct object. ‫הסגוּר ומן האַלֵגוֹריָה‬ ָ ‫של הפתוח מן המשל‬ ָ ‫המ‬ ָ ‫שוֹאל‬ ֵ ‫( ְתּכוּנה זו‬15) The open fable borrows this feature from the closed fable and from allegory. OR: This feature is borrowed by the open fable from the closed fable and from allegory. Again, since the first noun, ‫תכונה‬, does not agree with the verb, ‫שואל‬, it is readily identified as the (pre-posed) object.

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