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Representatios and characters of groups by Gordon Douglas James, Martin W. Liebeck

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By Gordon Douglas James, Martin W. Liebeck

This booklet presents a contemporary creation to the illustration concept of finite teams. the speculation is built by way of modules, due to the fact that this can be acceptable for extra complex paintings, yet significant emphasis is put upon developing characters. the nature tables of many teams are given, together with all teams of order lower than 32, and all yet one of many easy teams of order under one thousand. among these functions lined are Burnside's paqb theorem, using personality idea in learning subgroup constitution, and an outline of ways to take advantage of illustration thought to enquire molecular vibration. every one bankruptcy is observed by means of various workouts, and entire strategies to the entire routines are supplied on the finish of the ebook. this may be compatible as a textual content for these educating a direction in illustration conception, and in view of the functions of the topic, should be of curiosity to chemists and physicists in addition to mathematicians.

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The contents of this ebook were used in classes given through the writer. the 1st was once a one-semester direction for seniors on the college of British Columbia; it was once transparent that sturdy undergraduates have been completely able to dealing with straight forward workforce idea and its program to uncomplicated quantum chemical difficulties.

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