Symmetry And Group

Simple type A semigroups by Asibong-Ibe U.

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By Asibong-Ibe U.

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The tendency with medical education is always to make ‘them’ or ‘the patient’ the focus of attention, never ‘me, the doctor’. Probably the least developed aspect of medical training is that aspect which covers the doctor’s own psychology and, therefore, interpersonal relations and behaviour with patients. This is regrettable since training and working as a doctor are complex psychological events which, in the view of both authors, often lead to psychological changes which are very disadvantageous to doctor– patient relationships and doctor–staff relationships.

She had abandoned her own needs for social contact and interesting activities and thus became virtually housebound and isolated by her pattern of excessive, anxious care. In a sense the ‘living had gone out of her life’ – a classic case of the Care Trap. Isolation of this type has an insidious, destructive effect, almost like a veil slowly cutting off the rest of the community. It can be a lonely, dull and sad WHY SUPPORT AND WHY SUPPORT GROUPS? 31 existence. Fortunately the lady was persuaded by a community nurse to join a support group for the partners of stroke victims.

The example chosen involves the ‘rolling membership’ type group – it operates at the time of writing (that is April 2005). There is no fixed membership because, in a busy cardiac rehabilitation unit, there is a constant intake of people in recovery from a heart attack who have to be absorbed. The group meets twice each week for a whole afternoon. The composition is of mixed gender. Selection is partly based on physical criteria since the group spends the first part of an attendance working on essential exercise training under the direction of a physiotherapist.

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