Stories to gather all those lost by Ona Siporin

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By Ona Siporin

Advantageous in high quality jacket, Signed through writer with own observe on identify web page. mild influence from paper clip on first few pages, DJ has very mild symptoms of use on the most sensible part. Small picture with each one bankruptcy. Essays from Utah Public Radio.

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I knew then I would rise and be healthy again. When my first marriage failed and I had catapulted into another relationship, she and my father came to visit, when it would have been easy to chastise. It was not just for me: my brother in Vietnam, my sister's pure loyalty desecrated by a drunken husband; my other sister, only seventeen, alone with a child and husband, learning young to prevail on her own; divorces, deaths.... My mother rose and rose again, determined to glean a sensual beauty and laughter from our 160 acres.

When I turned to look back, to see if I could see the woman who had given them to me, I saw a goat trotting along with the other runners. I did run in this race. And at nine kilometers, two kilometers before the finish, a woman did hand me wine and brioche. I have a medal to show that I finished in good standing. But I think maybe all this happened many years ago, when things like that could happen. Page 54 They found Mirko's body near Rialto. I imagine Pino running, careening, breathless, along the narrow cobblestone alleys of Venice, reeling across bridge after bridge to get to this boy-man, his brother, one more time.

In Beadwell's Origin of the Kiss, there is a man who passed over a lark on the road. He glanced into the rearview mirror to see if he had killed it. It was perched, stone still, in the middle of the pavement. The man got out of his car and walked back to check. The lark, unhurt, was balanced in suspended animation, in a cataleptic spell from the shock. Not knowing what to do, in desperation, the man threw it into the air, back to its own element. When the man threw the lark into the air, the spell broke.

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