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Structural Concrete. Materials; Mix Design; Plain, by C. B. Wilby

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By C. B. Wilby

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If a mass of concrete shrinks (or expands) uniformly and its movement is not restricted by any external forces, then no internal stresses can be induced in the concrete. This seldom happens in practice; usually any movement of the concrete is restricted internally by reinforcement embedded in the concrete, and often externally by its surroundings. Also, the surface of concrete will often dry out (and therefore shrink) faster than the internal particles of concrete. When the concrete of a reinforced beam is in the solid state, as it shrinks it also bonds to the reinforcement.

35 = 84 kg water Then add 10% to these figures to allow for small underestimation and waste. This figure may need small adjustment according to experience of the concreting conditions, the particular mix and type of aggregates, etc. 15 Prescribed mixes C P 110 gives prescribed mixes in Table 50 to replace the nominal mixes of C P 114. Generally these will give uneconomic concretes stronger than required. But they have the advantage that proper mix design procedures do not need to be established for the concreting plant.

O . E . hope that their method will replace it. The other methods are easy to use without much understanding by following through the examples and using the tables and graphs given in the publications already cited. 20 mm 600 ^irn 300 urn 150 urn No. No. No. No. No. 4. 462 100 45 30 23 16 9 2 0 (i) Curve 1 o o n Stage Fig. 7. Fig. 5. Completed concrete mix design form for unrestricted design ('&^ (bo Slump _ /e>-3© OPC/S^PC/RHPC (k= Proportion defective. Values x o ■*l mm or V-B . _kg/m3 _kg/m3 3 55'o ico _kg/m3 N/mm2 V^3 /?

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