The Archaeology of Athens by John M. Camp

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By John M. Camp

During this definitive ebook, admired archaeologist John M. Camp provides an updated survey of the monuments of historic Athens and Attica to create an entire archaeological journey of the realm. Camp's lavishly illustrated paintings will allure not just to students and scholars of Greek civilization but additionally to viewers exploring the traditional websites.

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1550–1552): basket bearers, stool bearers, parasol bearers, bearers of hydrias (water jars), musicians (playing the kithara and f lute), bearers of trays of honey and cakes, and elders carrying olive branches. Many more pieces of architecture and architectural sculpture all dating to the middle years of the sixth century have been found on the Acropolis. They can be combined in a variety of ways and suggest that there were between five and seven small Doric buildings up there as well. In plan, these resemble the treasuries built at panhellenic sanctuaries, best known from Delphi and Olympia: a simple room entered through a porch of two columns.

Here the full citizen body was entitled to meet about every ten days to consider any legislation proposed by the senate (boule), and most Athenian decrees indicate that they were passed by both bodies. Though the citizen body numbered in the tens of thousands it seems that their meeting place on the Pnyx accommodated between 8,000 47 The Persian Wars and 13,000 people (see figs. 147, 148). Only the slightest traces and a boundary stone survive from this earliest phase of the Pnyx. THE PERSIAN WARS In 499/8 the Athenians sent help to the Ionian Greeks on the west coast of Asia Minor, who were in revolt against Persia.

25, 26) had been dismantled by the mid-480s, presumably to make way for a new temple. Unfortunately, it is not clear which temple succeeded it, the one with the marble gigantomachy built around 510–500 on the foundations south of the Erechtheion (see figs. 40, 41) or the marble temple started after 490 on the site later occupied by the Parthenon. Several years later the Athenians added a colossal bronze statue of a fully armed Athena Promachos (Champion) to the Acropolis. 2). It stood just inside the gateway, and Pausanias tells us it was so large that the head of the spear and the crest of the helmet of this Athena are visible to mariners sailing from Sounion to Athens.

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