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The God Conspiracy: The Path from Superstition to Super by Osho

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By Osho

No longer believing, yet in basic terms experiencing, says Osho during this inspiring ebook, is a manner of discovering fact and that means. whereas Nietzsche's assertion that "God is lifeless, accordingly guy is loose" was once a big step in figuring out, he argues, it really is in itself a unfavorable answer and doesn't deliver freedom. easily elimination God isn't really adequate. within the God Conspiracy, Osho deals a solution beyond Nietzsche — meditation, a right away reference to life itself. the following he exhibits how Zen and meditation let us locate that means and importance, creativity, receptivity, and a route to freedom. Zen has no God, however it has a big strength to remodel our cognizance, to carry quite a bit understanding that committing evil turns into unattainable. This publication argues persuasively that transformation can't be imposed, yet needs to come from one’s innermost being and realizing.

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He can live from eternity to eternity if medical science does not murder him. But their immortality depends on the fact they are not the by-product of sex. Any animal who is born of sex is going to die, he cannot be immortal in the body. So these two things have been taboos in the world: sex and death. Both have been kept hidden. I have been condemned all around the world, simply because I talked about every taboo without any inhibition, because I want you to know everything about life from sex to death.

And you know that perfectly well because Poona is so full of amoebas. I have chosen this place specially, because amoebas are immortal beings. And their immortality depends on the fact that they are not sexual beings. They are not the by-product of sex, so there is no death. Sex and death are absolutely connected. Just try to understand. Sex brings you into life, and life finally ends in death. Sex is the beginning, death is the end. In between is what you call life. The amoeba is a non-sexual animal, the only celibate monk in the whole world.

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