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The Gold Leaf Lady and Other Parapsychological by Stephen E. Braude

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By Stephen E. Braude

For over thirty years, Stephen Braude has studied the mystical in way of life, from extrasensory notion and psychokinesis to mediumship and materialization. The Gold Leaf girl and different Parapsychological Investigations is a hugely readable and sometimes a laugh account of his so much memorable encounters with such phenomena. right here Braude recounts in interesting aspect 5 specific cases—some that problem our so much basic clinical ideals and others that disclose our personal credulousness. Braude starts off with a south Florida girl who could make skinny gold-colored foil look spontaneously on her epidermis. He then travels to big apple and California to check psychokinetic superstars—and frauds—like Joe Nuzum, who declare to maneuver gadgets utilizing basically their minds. alongside the way in which, Braude additionally investigates the startling allegations of K.R., a policeman in Annapolis who believes he can move pictures from pictures onto different objects—including his personal body—and Ted Serios, a deceased Chicago elevator operator who can make quite a few assorted photos look on Polaroid movie. finally, Braude considers his wife’s unusually fruitful experiments with astrology, which she has used to steer expert football groups to the head in their leagues, in addition to his personal own reports with synchronicity—a phenomenon, he argues, that might need to be defined by way of a polished, wide, and dramatic kind of psychokinesis. Heady, provocative, and brimming with eye-opening info and recommendations, The Gold Leaf woman and different Parapsychological Investigations will intrigue either adherents and detractors of its arguable subject material alike.

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And on many occasions she felt that other entities manifested through her. As far as I’m aware, she wasn’t sure why her body would erupt in golden foil. But it’s quite clear that, like the mediums of old, she felt no responsibility for what happened. As far as she was concerned, the foil was an affliction outside her control, probably linked to external agencies. But now consider how liberating that belief must have been to traditional spiritualist mediums. It meant that—from the mediums’ point of view—they were off the hook no matter what happened during a séance.

Many wonder—reasonably—why such dazzling phenomena occurred during this eighty-year period but not thereafter. After all, we no longer see or hear about the sorts of things that apparently happened frequently during the Spiritualist movement. Of course, this doesn’t surprise those who think all mediumistic phenomena are fraudulent, and they have two standard skeptical explanations for the disappearance of large-scale effects. First is what we could call the Argument from Gullibility: the contention that people simply were more unsophisticated and credulous in former days.

The popular television show was preparing a segment on Katie, and they seemed especially interested in the golden leaf. The producers planned to combine dramatizations of incidents from Katie’s life with interviews not just of Katie, but also of eyewitnesses and alleged expert commentators. They also hoped to include footage of Katie “in action”—again, especially the foil manifestations, since they were clearly the most novel and spectacular of her phenomena. And to help gather evidence and lend credibility to the process, they enlisted the services of Los Angeles magician Christopher Chacon and parapsychologist Dean Radin.

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