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The Gun Digest Book of Assault Weapons by Jack Lewis

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By Jack Lewis

This article gains cutting-edge most popular guns of recent war with exact info and try effects. weapons featured comprise: machineguns; sniper rifles; strive against shotguns; and tactical carbines.

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This Viet Cong woman is armed with an SKS rifle with the bayonet Besides a switch to tennis shoes, women extended. The gun crew in background is armed with a Russianwere allowed to qualify at a physical trainmade machine gun. ing standard far below that demanded of male cadets. It should be pointed out, of rapidly with a handgun,” Steele says. “However, the course, that these women were not brought up in the shotgun is a genuine problem for most of them and the same social and environmental circumstances as the established training sequence is too short time-wise to female Viet Cong who tried to kill Pickles.

62x39 did not go armed with cap- cartridge and probably was not the woman’s choice of arms as it was heavy and tured M-1 Garand or M-14 long. At the other extreme, it also was deadly. rifles. The Russian-made AKM and captured M-16 assault rifles, plus the MAT-49 and M-3 submachine guns along with the ubiquitous M-1 Carbine seemed to be the weapons of choice. S. conventional forces should become intimately familiar with the dojo, the weight room, and the M-16 range. Support troops may have to fight savagely to avoid capture, as was the situation in the Ardennes circa 1944.

62 TT submachine guns. 62 TT submachine guns to other communist forces. nam, the effort could not overcome a lack of continuity brought on by politics and the one-year tour of duty for those making up our forces. Other faults with the program were corruption in our South Vietnamese ally, insecure borders and the North Vietnamese willingness to accept limitless casualties,” Steele explains. S. strategy was modeled on the successful British experience in Malaya between 1948 and 1960, but Vietnam had nothing in common with Malaya beyond the fact that both countries were in Southeast Asia.

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