The Historical Geography of Asia Minor by W.M. Ramsay

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By W.M. Ramsay

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Magi strates were forced to undergo rigorous publi c scru tiny before entering office and a pu blic audit upon leaving office. Magistrates suspected of conspiring against the people could always be (and frequently were) indicted and punished in the people's courts. There is no eviMar kle 1985; T od d 1990. 1989. " Senior-panner thesis: de La ix 1973. 15 Hansen 1991, 145- 46. 12 13 ~Iille tl 26 CHAPT ER 3 denee to suggest that boards of magistrates ever constituted anything like a hidden government.

The policies of the T yrant s them selves had gone a long way in breakin g down the traditi onal ties of dependence and obed ience between upper- and lower-class Athenians.

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