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The history of the Qur'ānic text : from revelation to by Muhammad Mustafa Al-Azami

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By Muhammad Mustafa Al-Azami

This quantity attempts to fill the gaping gap within the zone of Qurʼānic textual feedback, particularly coming from Muslims students. it really is an impassioned try and distinction the "immaculate renovation" of the Qurʼān with the adjustments within the transmission of the textual content of the Bible, either the previous and the recent testomony. the writer slightly refrains from making the cost that Jews and Christians corrupted the Scriptures the Read more...

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Islam refers to theJews and Christians as 'people of the Book'. T religions have a common patriarch in Ibrahim, and hypothetical the same God that was worshipped by Ibrahim and his sons I Ishaq. In discussing these religions we inevitably encounter som terms, but though the words appear similar to the eyes the u implications often are not. For example, the Qur'an states exp everything in the universe has been created for the sole purpose of w Allah, while inJewish mythology the entire universe was created fo of the children of Israel.

11 JJ. ; .... '" "" J. ~ J.? : "Never did VVe dispatch a messenger before you without r this: that there is nogodbut 1; therefore worship andserve And the message of all the prophets was, J. 11 ~ (there is no god but belief uniting all the prophets from Adam to Muham approaches this theme time and again, particularly cal of Jews and Christians to this point. 2. The Final Messenger In the arid heat of Makkah, Prophet Ibrahim thought o would come to settle in that barren valley and entreate WI, ~T ' ~'i:::~, ~I; ,:'t~ 11:~' ,:' , J.

I~ ,', '-~ ~ij ~-J"" , ~ y=-'I~ ~ ~\,~ cr: YOJ ~. =< ~Ift 4J\s '1 ~' \ U » 3 ~ (~~ "That is Allah, your Lord! , ,. , ! -... ,... " The Creator is unique, nothing has been fashioned in is also without kin, the one and only God. lJ . iJ 'w J. Yo ,... ,,...... I '_1 r " r J. ,... p '*' :::i ,. > "'~ 5~e "Say: He is Allah, The One; Allah, the Eternal, Absolu beget, nor is He begotten; andthere is none like unto Him. He rewards good dee if done with sincerity, and accepts repentance from the forgives as He pleases, but does not forgive those who a besides Him and die unrepentant.

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