The JPS Dictionary of Jewish Words by Ellen Scolnic

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By Ellen Scolnic

From the most depended on names in Jewish publishing comes an critical connection with the most typical Jewish phrases and phrases in use this day. The entries contain phrases for and linked to Jewish vacation trips and life-cycle occasions, tradition, heritage, the Bible and different sacred texts, Jewish worship, and extra. each one access has a pronunciation advisor and is cross-referenced to different similar phrases. The advent serves as an outstanding primer at the historical past of Jewish phrases, their transliteration, and pronunciation.

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Yiddish (BISS-el) A little bit of something, a tiny piece. It is also used in cooking; for example, a cook might say she adds “a bissel of salt” to everything. Old-fashioned usage. bitter herbs See maror. blech n. Yiddish (BLEKH) A sheet of metal that can be placed over the burners on a stove to retain heat, so that precooked food and water can be kept warm during the Sabbath. It is used by Jews who observe the Shabbat restrictions on cooking. blintz n. Yiddish (BLINTZ); pl. blintzes (BLIN-tsez) A folded pancake, similar to a crepe, that is filled with fruit or sweet cheese.

The name given to Israel ben Eliezer (1699–1760), the Ukrainian-born rabbi, mystic, scholar, and teacher who founded the Hasidic movement in Eastern Europe. Many Hasidic legends are based on his life and deeds. baal tekiah n. Hebrew masc. (BAHL teh-kee-YAH); fem. baalat tekiah (bah-ah-LAT teh-kee-YAH) The title for the person who blows the shofar on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. baal teshuvah n. Hebrew masc. (BAHL teh-shoo-VAH); fem. ” A Jewish person who has become more observant and returned to more stringent religious practices.

Baal teshuvah n. Hebrew masc. (BAHL teh-shoo-VAH); fem. ” A Jewish person who has become more observant and returned to more stringent religious practices. ” babka n. Yiddish (BOB-kah) A loaf-type coffee cake swirled with nuts, cinnamon, sugar, and sometimes chocolate or rum. Babkas are a traditional Ashkenazic Jewish delicacy, brought to America by Jews who emigrated from Russia and Poland. Babylonian Talmud See Talmud. Barchu 13 badchen n. At a wedding, the badchen would sing songs and recite poems specially written for the bride and groom, as well as make toasts, dance, and tell tales from the Midrash.

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