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The Language of Thought by Jerry A. Fodor

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By Jerry A. Fodor

In a compelling safety of the speculative method of the philosophy of brain, Jerry Fodor argues that, whereas our greatest present theories of cognitive psychology view many better strategies as computational, computation itself presupposes an inner medium of illustration. Fodor's top matters are to buttress the suggestion of inner illustration from a philosophical standpoint, and to figure out these features of this conceptual build utilizing the empirical information to be had from linguistics and cognitive psychology.

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2 insofar as we accept that this model applies in a given case, we also accept the kinds of explanations that it licenses. For example, given the model, we may explain the fact that organism a produced behavior B by showing: 13. That a believed himself rn be in situation S. 2 Ii is not, of course, a sufficient condition for the rationality of behavior that processes like items 8—12 should be implicated in its production. For example, behaviors so mediated will superstitious, or generally be preferences if the involved in items 9—12 are irrational if the beliefs involved in item involved in item grossly II perverse, unsound.

The function of the construct is precisely predict to what extrapolations organism will try and in what order it will try them. there are psychologists who prefer to describe the organism of the stimulus rather than as constructing the of the data matrix the Finally, properties ‘sampling’ the hypotheses about which such properties are criterial for sorting. But notion of a property is proprietary in the former kind of theory. In the nonproprietary sense of ‘property’, every stimulus has an infinity of properties an infinite subset of which are never sampled.

To the extent that this cannot be done, we cannot view learning as a computational process; and it is, for better or for worse, the working assumption of this book that computational accounts of organisms will not break down. confirmation of a the philosophy of science. The classic argument is due to Goodman who pointed out that, for any fixed set of observations of grcen emeralds, both the hypothesis that all emeralds are green and the hypothesis that all emeralds are grue will be compatible with the data.

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