The Last Days of Socrates by Plato

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By Plato

The following multi functional publication are the 4 vintage bills of the trial and loss of life of Socrates!

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This response to his relatives may even amount in itself to a rejection of that broader conception of piety as ‘holiness’ (or ‘moral correctness’), according to which piety will merely be a matter of doing what is right and impiety a matter of doing what is wrong, with the more or less vague implication that the gods approve of the former and disapprove of the latter. What Euthyphro claims to know is pious is his action in prosecuting his father and so cleansing both himself and his father from pollution.

It’s certainly something most people don’t know about, Euthyphro, what’s right and what’s not; I don’t think 4b acting as you are is for just anyone – it’d have to be someone who’s already a long way along the road to wisdom. EUTHYPHRO Zeus! A long way indeed, Socrates. SOCRATES Then is the man your father killed one of your family? It’s clear he must be, because you wouldn’t be taking out proceedings for homicide on behalf of someone who wasn’t family.

The deme he belongs to is Pitthus, if you can call to mind a Meletus from Pitthus with long straight hair, not much of a beard but more of a nose. EUTHYPHRO That doesn’t help me, Socrates. But anyway, 2c what’s the indictment he’s brought against you? SOCRATES The indictment? No trivial one, I think; it’s no mean feat for a young person to have mastered something so important. What he says, at any rate, is that he knows how young people are corrupted, and who their corrupters are. And he really must be some sort of expert if he’s able observe my ignorance and the way I use it to corrupt his age-group, running off to the city to tell on me as if she were their mother.

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