The Turkey: An American Story by Andrew F. Smith

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By Andrew F. Smith

“Talking turkey” concerning the chicken you inspiration you knew


Fondly remembered because the centerpiece of family members Thanksgiving reunions, the turkey is a cultural image in addition to a multi-billion greenback undefined. As a chook, dinner, commodity, and as a countrywide icon, the turkey has develop into as American because the bald eagle (with which it truly competed for supremacy on nationwide insignias).


Food historian Andrew F. Smith’s sweeping and multifaceted historical past of Meleagris gallopavo separates truth from fiction, serving as either a great historic reference and a desirable basic learn. together with his attribute wit and insatiable interest, Smith provides the turkey in ten classes, starting with the chicken itself (actually numerous diverse species of turkey) flying during the wild. The Turkey therefore comprises discussions of essentially each point of the enduring poultry, together with the wild turkey in early the US, the way it got here to be referred to as “turkey,” domestication, turkey mating behavior, growth into Europe, stuffing, stipulations in glossy business turkey factories, its mind-blowing advertisement heritage of increase and bust, and its eventual ascension to vacation mainstay.  


As one of many simplest of meals to cook dinner, the turkey’s culinary probabilities were broadly explored if little noted.  the second one half the booklet collects an grand array of over 100 old and sleek turkey recipes from throughout the United States and Europe.  From sandwiches to salmagundi, you’ll locate specific directions on approximately each edition at the turkey. Historians will get pleasure from a glance again on the assorted appetites in their ancestors and pro chefs can have a chance to reintroduce a well-known nutrition in forgotten methods.

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For the species name, Linnaeus selected gallopavo, presumably derived from Gesner. It is clear that Linnaeus knew the turkey originated in America because he stated so in his description of its habitat. His reason for selecting the name, however, has long puzzled scientists and turkey lovers. Global Expansion From Spain, Italy, France, and Germany, turkeys were rapidly disseminated throughout the world. 52 At the same time they were becoming known in Europe they were sent to other parts of the world.

Alternately, Chris­ topher Columbus proposed to travel west across the Atlantic and establish a direct trade connection with the Indies. Others had no problem with the spherical notion of the world, which Columbus’s proposed route assumed, but concluded that the world’s circumference was much greater than he projected and that his proposed trip would greatly exceed the distance that ships of the day could travel. But Columbus had many supporters, among them Alessandro Geraldini, a cleric who encouraged the Spanish monarchy to fund his expedition, which they did in 1492.

18 The Aztecs cooked turkey in many ways—roasting it over a fire as well and incorporating it into soups and stews. Sahagún describes one layered dish that merchants made and sold in markets. 20 Turkeys did more than provide sustenance. Client cities gave large numbers of them as tribute to the Aztec emperor. 23 Finally, the Aztecs deified the turkey as Chalchiuhtotolin, the Jeweled Bird. indd 9 8/1/06 3:45:27 PM 10 . the turkey which was prepared shortly after the Spanish Conquest. 24 It’s also difficult to know the precise appearance of “original” domesticated Mexican turkeys from the stylized ways in which they have been depicted.

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