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The World of Marc Chagall by Izis Bidermanas

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By Izis Bidermanas

Artwork critic Robert Hughes observed Chagall as «the imperative Jewish artist of the 20 th century». in accordance with paintings historian Michael J. Lewis, Chagall used to be thought of to be «the final survivor of the 1st new release of eu modernists». for many years, he «had additionally been revered because the worlds preeminent Jewish artist». utilizing the medium of stained glass, he produced home windows for the cathedrals of Reims and Metz, home windows for the UN, and the Jerusalem home windows in Israel. He additionally did large-scale work, together with a part of the ceiling of the Paris Opéra.

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Vw- -. • *ts a \ i / n1 ' I '4j'm r '''Personally, I a scientific do not think bent good is for art. Impressionism and Cubism are alien Art seems to me to to me. be a of soul, more than anything else. " home at Vence, the painter takes a townsman's and also a mystical Hasid's delight in the daily miracles of nature (Photo 1965). -%r~ - »£• ***- • ** . i_. •-. »> The revivalistic movement of the Hasidim (the plural of Hasid, the Hebrew word for "pious") had been under way for about a century and a half when Chagall was a boy, and although it still exists it is best described in the past around tense, there being no modern equivalent for its context in the Russia of The movement had started in Poland and the Ukraine, at a time when the Jews in these regions had become desperate and confused under the impact of pogroms, political oppression, economic disaster, bogus messiahs, and ersatz 1900.

All may be modulated by light and color. And all, of course, are apt to be distorted when written appreciation substitutes sequences of fragments for the wholeness and simultaneity of our experience of a Chagall's space most evidently cinematic, although is fashioned way, in the picture. many in a rather old- pictures that juxtapose heterogeneous images and and psychic contrasts" by means of a montage technique: the majority of the works reproduced in this book can serve as examples. But usually a second look at such paintings will disclose a more subtle and imprescreate "plastic —sometimes in concert with sive analogy; the space fellow concept, time its can be seen flowing, jumping, coming, going, or spreading out in quiet lagoons (with the help of colored "tissue" and of light "from behind the canvas") as it does under the guidance of an Antonioni or a Resnais.

I found in the city itself at each step, in them among the small traders weekly open-air markets, among the waiters in concierges, peasants, and that astonishing light nowhere 59 cafes, the Around them hovered offreedom which I had seen workers. " The above enthusiastic remarks, with their typically Hasidic emphasis on a love ofpeople and their mystical implications about light, are actually a reference to the painter' s first months in Paris in 1910; but they are equally applicable to his years in Vence.

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