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Towards a Science of Belief Systems by E. Griffiths

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By E. Griffiths

Humans think in an excellent many stuff; and but so much people be aware of virtually not anything approximately why other folks think what they do, or certainly approximately the way it feels to think it. This ebook offers an goal strategy for knowing and evaluating trust structures - regardless of no matter if the investigator occurs to trust them.

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For our purposes, it will be convenient to choose a question from the early history of Zoroastrianism. The relevant evidence is at once limited in volume and excellent in quality: it consists solely of the Gathas, a body of hymns composed by the prophet Zarathushtra (or Zoroaster) and preserved as 7 Dawkins, The God Delusion, p. 59. 9 We thus have a self-contained collection of poems that reflect the belief system as it was propounded by its founder – and we have a virtually complete absence of outside context to assist us in interpreting it.

3 Blanco White, The New Propaganda, p. 33. 4 Freud, Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis, p. 105. , which – though they do not directly contradict A – sit jarringly with it. The result will be a more or less complete belief system, built up around the primary doctrine A. §31. This offers a solution to the problem of how we can ‘re-enact’ a belief system without being confident that we can empathize with it. The various propositions that form part of the belief system are not indifferent to one another: they are logically connected.

B. Shaw, ‘The Basis of Socialism. Economic’, in Fabian Essays in Socialism, pp. 3–29. , p. 178. A Descriptive Science of Logic 43 French Revolution in a brief paragraph18 and the Reform Acts in a few sentences19 and does not feel it necessary even to mention Chartism, trades unionism, or the Commune of Paris: but he devotes six fulsome pages20 to listing the advances of municipal enterprise and public inspection. 21 Sydney Olivier, on its moral basis, refers to ‘the two great socialistic institutions of the Poor Law and the People’s Schools’22 and looks ahead to making ‘the journal and the library, social intercourse, fresh air, clean and beautiful cities, the joy of the fields, the museum, the art-gallery, the lecture-hall, the drama, and the opera [ ...

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