UNIX & Linux Forensic Analysis DVD Toolkit by Cory Altheide, Chris Pogue, Todd Haverkos

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By Cory Altheide, Chris Pogue, Todd Haverkos

This ebook addresses themes within the region of forensic research of platforms operating on editions of the UNIX working procedure, that's the alternative of hackers for his or her assault structures. based on a 2007 IDC record, UNIX servers account for the second-largest phase of spending (behind home windows) within the around the globe server marketplace with $4.2 billion in 2Q07, representing 31.7% of company server spending. UNIX structures haven't been analyzed to any major intensity principally as a result of an absence of realizing at the a part of the investigator, an realizing and data base that has been completed by means of the attacker.

The e-book starts off with a bankruptcy to explain why and the way the booklet was once written, and for whom, after which instantly starts off addressing the problems of dwell reaction (volatile) information assortment and research. The e-book keeps via addressing problems with amassing and studying the contents of actual reminiscence (i.e., RAM). the next chapters handle /proc research, revealing the wealth of important facts, and research of documents created by way of or on UNIX platforms. Then the e-book addresses the underground international of UNIX hacking and divulges tools and strategies utilized by hackers, malware coders, and anti-forensic builders. The ebook then illustrates to the investigator the way to examine those documents and extract the knowledge they should practice a finished forensic research. the ultimate bankruptcy contains a targeted dialogue of loadable kernel Modules and malware.

Throughout the ebook the writer presents a wealth of designated info, delivering instruments, concepts and data that won't be discovered wherever else.

This publication includes information regarding UNIX forensic research that's not on hand anyplace else. a lot of the data is as a result of the the author's personal precise examine and work.
The authors have the mixed event of legislation enforcement, army, and company forensics. This certain standpoint makes this publication appealing to all forensic investigators.

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Conf/ etc/rc, /etc/inetd. conf. These files contain such valuable information as hosts that have recently connected to the target, and the location of various log files. Gather this information for later comparison against customer-provided known good lists for deviance. com Live Response: Data Collection • Chapter 3 The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) cache of a system is a table that keeps track of which IP addresses are associated with which Media Access Control (MAC) addresses for Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) layer 2 (Data Link) routing.

Rm filename del Unlinks (“deletes”) a file. shred filename - Overwrites a file to hide its contents, and optionally deletes it. cd directoryname cd Change working directory. , cd /tmp. hostname net config workstation Shows the hostname of the machine. ifconfig -a | less ipconfig /all Shows all network interfaces, and pipes the output to a handy pager program named less. cat filename type Display the contents of the file to the screen. less filename - View text files with ability to scroll forward and backward through the output with spacebar and b keys.

Those static binaries are really only reliable for that that particular Linux release, on that particular version of that release, and on that particular version of the kernel. 22-14. 22-14. That being the case, you would literally have to have the exact version of every OS, built on every possible kernel, and in some instances of proprietary hardware like Sun Microsystems (SPARC), AIX (Power PC), or HP-UX, to effectively have a working set of statically linked tools. The caveat then being, if you are a corporate security officer, and you know that your shop only has a few versions of *nix, and a few kernel versions, then it may make sense for you to build a few tool disks based on what you are working with.

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