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Virtual Reality: Consciousness Really Explained! by Jerome Iglowitz

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By Jerome Iglowitz

I feel this is often the 1st clinical and genuine resolution of the Mind-Brain challenge. utilizing result of contemporary arithmetic, it ultimately offers a precise answer. yet humans have a true and medical position during this answer -they are usually not mere "zombies"! most recent and lots more and plenty greater third variation.

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A concept can be fixed logically only by its relations to other concepts. ” XVI Here is Hilbert’s expansion of his perspective: “I do not want to assume anything as known in advance. as the definition of the concepts point, line, plane ... g. ” XVII From my early intuitive interpretation of MacClane’s book, I proceeded at that early stage in my life to tentatively 62 assume “axioms” 14 as the fundamental operative units of the brain to see where the assumption led. ) This was the perspective I started with fifty years ago and have pursued it ever since.

Both scientific and non-scientific. They are the ground for the whole of cognition. J. Freeman for instance, -Freeman’s fig. 2—my Figure 6- below wherein he reveals a specifically non-hierarchical mapping into, (not onto), the cortex). 42 It is necessary only that these “objects” be locked into the reentrant loop between action and perception which passes we know not where. e. ) “But there is something very odd about the relation between the time-evolved quantum state’, (the Schroedinger equation), “and the actual behaviour of the physical world that is observed to take place.

However I should emphasize here that this is a problem for all materialists. Their best answers to date are vague and ambiguous at best and duplicitous at worst. 35 David Hilbert: 6. Early on when studying mathematics, I had a revelation pertinent to this issue. There was precisely one sense I concluded, (and I challenge you to suggest some other), wherein an actual possibility consistent with science –and with the materialist picture above -arose. There was one case, I found, wherein a purely operative system, “a machine” can know something!.

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