Why UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse by John A Keel

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By John A Keel

"There isn't any plot to hide up the reality, yet asensible selection made by means of males whose mindshave been boggled by way of only a glimpse of the over-whelming fact they encountered of their look for proof to turn out or disprove the lifestyles of UFOs."

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The first time I was roaming around the hills behind Gallipolis Ferry, West Virginia, early in 1967, and when the spots first appeared, I thought my eyes were playing tricks. They were barely visible in the darkness and seemed to be small clouds of glowing gas. I climbed a steep hill, accompanied by two local teen-agers, hoping to find a better vantage point to view a sector where many objects had been sighted previously. The purple spots were moving all around us; there were twenty or more. The sky was overcast, and at first I suspected the phenomenon might be caused by stars faintly shining through the clouds.

Captain Edward Ruppelt, head of the Air Force's Project Blue Book in the early 1950's, wrote a book, Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, in which he freely discussed all of this. That book, published in 1956, still stands as the best standard reference of the subject. The explosion of public interest in the UFO phenomenon in 1947 attracted many highly qualified professional scientists, researchers, and authors. Working independently, they quietly assessed the incoming evidence and slowly evolved complex theories which accounted for the paraphysicality of the objects.

If this is a true hypothesis, then they may also be operating beyond the limitations of our time coordinates. Our years may be minutes to them. Our future may be their past, and thus they have total knowledge of the things in store for us. The Purple Blobs Among the most neglected of all the soft sightings are 52 the strange purple blobs, some so faint that they can barely be seen with the naked eye. Such blobs were frequently reported in the earlier days of the saucer scare, but newspapers were soon diverted by the more intriguing hard sightings of seemingly solid disks.

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