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Winning Lacrosse for Girls by Becky Swissler

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By Becky Swissler

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If a team is leading by 10 goals or more, then there is no clock stoppage, except during the last two minutes of play. Officials Ideally, three officials regulate the game: one field umpire, one scorer, and one timer. The field umpire moves with the play on the field and calls fouls and out of bounds. The scorer is positioned near each goal and determines when goals are scored, or when there is a foul in the critical scoring area. The timer keeps a record of when the game starts, how many timeouts are used and when the game finishes.

Left Cradle If a defender approaches you on your right side, cradle to your left. It’s common sense—whichever direction she’s coming from, cradle to the opposite side. Just be sure that there is not another defender coming in on that side, too. Start in the set position on the left side of your body. Twist your upper body to the left. Your left hand is on top of the stick and your right shoulder is leading. If your defender is coming from your right, this shoulder creates a natural barrier between her and the ball so your body is protecting your crosse.

While you are holding the stick for one minute, continuously bounce the ball in the pocket of the stick. Keep your arm fully extended and your wrist flexed as you bounce. Fancy Footwork Players: Two Distance: 25 yards Stand facing your partner without your sticks. Put your hands on each other’s shoulders. Your partner moves forward, running directly into you. She is working on offensive footwork—changing direction, changing speed, and stutter stepping as she moves forward down the field. You are focusing on defensive footwork.

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