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Winning women's lacrosse by Kelly Amonte Hiller

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Keep the Arms Away From the Body Players often think that keeping their arms close to their bodies will help them protect their sticks. This is not the case. It is essential that a player keep her arms away from her body. Both top and bottom arms should be away from the player’s torso and waist. The exact distance will depend on her size and comfort; arms should be a comfortable distance away, but close enough so that the player’s elbows are still bent, and she is able to maintain control of the stick.

Most often, the team that is able to possess the ball longer than the other team will win the game. When a specific player has possession of the ball, it is her responsibility to maintain possession and control the ball by cradling and protecting her stick. Cradling refers to a coordinated movement of the arms to control the ball in a player’s stick. The concept of cradling is similar to that of dribbling in basketball or stick handling in hockey, but the ball does not leave the player’s stick as a basketball leaves a player’s hands or a puck leaves the hockey player’s stick.

Transfer your weight from back to front and rotate your torso and hips forward toward the target. A shot’s power comes from your legs, hips, and torso. This motion, the torso twist, occurs as you transfer your weight from back to front and rotates your torso and hips forward toward the target. The weight transfer or torso twist should occur simultaneously as your hands push-pull and follow through toward their target. When players are first becoming comfortable with the torso twist, they should overemphasize it.

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