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Z-80 and 8080 assembly language programming by Kathe Spracklen

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By Kathe Spracklen

Publication through Spracklen, Kathe

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Assignment to a pointer repoints the pointer. Suppose ptr1 and ptr2 are both pointers, and you say: ptr1 = ptr2; Now ptr1 and ptr2 are pointing at the same thing. Any change to the thing pointed to by ptr1 will also change the thing pointed to by ptr2, because they are the same thing. Meanwhile, whatever ptr1 was pointing to before the assignment is now not being pointed to by ptr1; it might, indeed, be pointed to by nothing (which could be bad). A firm understanding of these facts is crucial when working in Objective-C (Figure 1-1).

Here’s an example from my own code, which you can grasp even though we haven’t discussed Objective-C yet: + (CardPainter*) sharedPainter { static CardPainter* sp = nil; if (nil == sp) sp = [[CardPainter alloc] init]; return sp; } That code says: If the CardPainter instance sp has never been created, create it, and in any case, now return it. Thus, no matter how many times this method is called, the instance will be created just once and that same instance will be returned every time. Data Type Qualifiers | 29 CHAPTER 2 Object-Based Programming My object all sublime.

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